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To make the non-metallic flexible material cutting has become more simple!


Industry application

Suitable for cloth, leather, paper products, carbon fiber, foam and a variety of flexible material cutting


Help enterprise will implement intelligent manufacturing fall to the ground


Smart change the future

Dongguan TopBull automation equipment co., LTD. Is a company committed to global customers with CNC cutting tool intelligent equipment solutions for enterprise, has always been focused on cutting tool intelligent equipment manufacturing sector, and uphold: efficient, intelligent, environmental protection, compatible product development philosophy.


Take the customer as the center, to have a striver.

Let the world love Chinese wisdom


Dingniu introduction

Dongguan Dingniu Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2016. A group of young people with dreams, after many years of accumulation in the industry, started together, committed to improving the level of China's modern industry and gathered together, determined to lead China's modern industry to the world! Integrating CAD/CAM R&D, production and marketing, Dingniu has the vision to become "the promoter of new domestic products and new retail in the flexible material cutting industry", focusing on the automation and intelligent innovation of flexible material cutting processes in various industries. Empower enterprises to transform and upgrade, help users reduce costs and increase efficiency, save energy and reduce consumption, product innovation, and promote users to create excellent value. At present, the company's main business: Vibrating knife cutting machine, leather cutting machine, cloth cutting machine, carton proofing machine, advertising cutting machine, composite material cutting machine, automatic cutting machine and other non-metal flexible materials digital intelligent cutting equipment! It is widely used in packaging, advertising, clothing, furniture, luggage, shoemaking, automobile, aviation, sealing, lampshade, energy, composite and other industries.

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