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Cloth cutting machine

Adopt advanced and mature rolling mesa design, platform can be customized size, wide theoretical cutting length is unlimited, adopts the design of vacuum suction, the ultra strong breeze, strong suction (small plate adsorption is no longer difficult); Full automatic camera positioning function: auto

Model : DN-B1
Application : othing textiles, furniture industry, luggage industry, car interiors, leather produc
Category : Digital Cutter
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Product introduction

Functional features

High speed motion control system

With independent intellectual property rights of high-end six axis high speed motion control system, system upgrade and maintenance is not controlled by a third party, convenient maintenance, high reliability, low cost, because of the control in hand, can be convenient for the user's personalized needs custom-made special program and for remote upgrade.

Independent movement control CARDS

Controller from previous computer motherboard card era, upgraded to a high performance integrated circuit controller, can be connected with any ordinary computer (notebook), completely ruled out because of the computer link before failure is caused by the cutting equipment paralysis.

Modular structure design

Adopt international advanced replaceable head design concept, the tool head without a fixed welding integration, can work according to the actual needs and expand the business situation and convenient replacement, do different function of the tool head, generate new demand cannot solve the fixed integrated tool nose do upgrade problem, compared with pneumatic head, also solve the pneumatic pressure varies with temperature, rolling over time and cannot be a constant problem.

Any combination function

Configuration vibration knife, knife, knife and other traditional cutting tools and drawing pen tool, also optional tool type ornamental engraving and milling tools, depending on the different needs of different materials, which can realize such as writing calligraphy and painting line, dotted line cutting, half broken cutting, the cutting, and other functions. Cut the paint as snow, board, KT board, back glue board, corrugated paper, gray board paper, honeycomb board, white cardboard, kraft paper, red cardboard, EPE foam and other flexible material.

Network convenient transmission

USES the network interface, fast transmission distance, a computer can control multiple devices (can be arbitrary replacement computers), compared with the old serial port, parallel port, PCI interface is more stable, more convenient.

Suction strong efficient

High efficiency and energy saving the partition of the vacuum adsorption system to ensure that the materials can be optimized. Using a grinding machine mesa type aluminum honeycomb panel, good air permeability, high precision, durable, not easy to deformation.

Job security

Equipped with safety devices (hands into the infrared range, the machine automatically stops).

High efficiency manual

Speed, can reach 1500 mm per second.

Flexible combination of tools

Flexible tool system compatible with all DN series products.

Production efficiency

Can cut paper, leather, cloth, PVC, carbon fiber, cotton and other non-metallic flexible material
Incomparable efficiency is derived from the application of intelligent control technology, powerful system components and advanced equipment. Perfect coordination, all system components to ensure optimization of production process.

Intelligent good performance

High performance cutting knife with Japan's mitsubishi servo motor controller, intelligent, to the details of the cutting optimization technology and precision, maintenance-free drives. With excellent cutting performance, low running cost and the advantages of the simple production process integration.

Efficient material fixed

High efficiency and energy saving of adjustable vacuum adsorption system to ensure that the material can be optimized. You don't have to worry about the material will appear in the process of moving. In addition to ensure the quality of cutting, you will surely enjoy lower power consumption.

Lead big box

Science and concise wiring system and chassis circuit design, stability and security; Equipped with all the tools interface, support all tools later increase upgrade; Installation and maintenance maintenance easier.

Safety protection system

The accuracy of the correlation system and prevent wrong operation urgent stop switch and comprehensive production safety.

Double pole cylinder

Adopts double bar cylinder, uniform pressure, pressure big, the puller is stable for a long time, not easy to damage.

DNC editing software

Powerful editing CAD design software, the perfect combination of Montana, CDR, AI, ONYX, CALDERA, Printfactory software; Database support bar code read die cutter line, improve the work efficiency, reduce the error rate.

Cutting video

Technical parameters



Working area(L*W)

1400*1000mm | 1800*1300mm | 2500*1600mm | 2500*1800mm | 3000*2000mm

Appearance of size(L*W)

2100*1700mm | 2500*2000mm | 3200*2300mm | 3200*2500mm | 3700*2700mm

Special size

Can be customized



Safety device

Physical anticollision structure + infrared induction anti-collision, ensure production safety

Cutting thickness

0.2-60mm(Can be customized)

Cutting materials

Leather, all kinds of clothing flexible material, Sponge composite leather, PVC, soft glass, Silicon, rubber

Cutting speed

≤1200mm/s(according to different cutting materials)

Cutting accuracy


Repeated accuracy


Cutting circular

≧3mm diameter

Positioning way

CCD camera and Laser positioning

 Fixed mode

Vacuum adsorption

Transport interface

Ethernet front-end ports

Software format

AI software, AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, and all of the box type design software can output directly, without conversion, and with automatic optimization

Instruction system

HP-GL compatible format

Operation panel

Multilingual LCD touch panel

Transmission system

High precision linear guide, meshing transmission gear and rack structure, high performance servo motor and drive


AC220V 380V ±10%,50HZ;Power 9kw

Pump power


Work environment


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